it's been so long again

well i guess it's been long enough. Still alive and kicking. Same ole stuff. How can that be? It's been so long! I know. But seriously, I can't even think of a thing. Still married, still working at a bakery, still... still... still...

good night.
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i'm glad the patriots lost the superbowl. is that bad?

sometimes i wish i was a fly on the wall. the realization is that i am and what i really want is not to be. to move through and amongst being fully recognized, accepted, and wanted.

been looking for this forever

ok, so ever since Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president, I've been telling one and all that i was his first and biggest presidential fan.... AND HERE'S MY PROOF!

Remember October 6th 2005??

i posted this; a reply to a letter i wrote to Obama when he was my senator in IL.

obama. w00t.
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oh eight...

i hurt my knee again. actually i re-aggravated the tear from last summer when i fell off my skateboard doing a layback slide and twisted my knee. i got an MRI last monday and get the results this monday. it's so expensive since we don't have insurance.

so basically i've been on my butt for a month now. i feel fat. meh.

alliy had an anxiety attack about whether or not she's getting a degree in the right thing. i told her that if she's doing something she enjoys doing... that's more than most people have. there was more but that's the gist.

i really meant to update this more.
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ow, my throat!

alliy was complaining of a sore throat a couple if days ago that's progressed painfully. now i have it!! my throat hurts so badly. ouchie ouchie!

i haven't slept well at all lately either. i kinda like my job, i really like being out of my job early, but being there at 7 am is too much for me. it's been a few months and i feel just as incapable of getting out of bed in the morning now, as i did when i first started the job 5 months ago.

we met a couple of new awesome people named chris and kristen. kristen works with our friend meredith and chris works at an ad firm doing graphic design. it would rock to get to know them better. we had some chuckles.

my head hurts now.

i hate being sickly

it's about the football?

there's a chick-fil-a bowl college football game. this has gone too far.

miccy-d's sayin' come on by
for three-quarter pounds of flesh.
three-quarter pounds?
that's half a cow
and the cow ain't from the U.S.

chick-fil-a sayin'
"what the hey,
it's a chicken not a two-pound cow"

hallelujah, baby's got my tofu now.

oh happy 2008
it's an election year.
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