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1 October 1984
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I live in Portland, OR, with my beautiful wife. She goes to the Art Institute out here, and i plan on attending PSU. I'm really interested in Sustainable Communities, civil rghts, philosophy, and the unconcious and psycedelic experiences.

i'm a liberal. a democrat? not really. i dig a woman's right to choose, the availablity of birth control to EVERYONE who is sexually active, responsible sex education including the nessecity for birth control and contraceptives not simply abstainence, veganism, healthy eating, the ceasation of testing on animals, the total abolition of the fur industry, the removal of animals from circuses and caged zoos, intelligent marijuana laws preventing underage use while decriminalizing adult usage in homes, the abandoment of the drug war, research into the unconcious mind, and equal rights amongst homo- and trans-sexuals including housing and marriage rights as granted to hetero-sexuals in the same situation (ie: tax breaks, insurace availability, single bedroom apartments for couples [which equal housing laws should grant but often don't], FAFSA and student loan availability as granted to married hetero-sexuals, etc, etc).

those are my really hot-ticket items, though there are a number of other causes i'd readily support.

wanna be friends? add me, drop a line and lemme know. i love getting to know people. the only thing that will truely offend me is the acceptance of ignorace and the refusal to do anything about it.

i love reading Aldous Huxley, Ralph Metzner, Alex and Ann Shulgin, and Richard Stafford.

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